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What is your Favorite Movie?

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  • What is your Favorite Movie?

    me?. my favorite movie is Van Helsing..

    how about you?

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    Re: What is your Favorite Movie?

    Intel 3960X
    Intel 2600K CPU
    Asus X79 Sabertooth Mobo
    Asus Z77 Fatal1ty One Professional
    Asus 980GTX Matrix
    AMD 290X Matrix
    CORSAIR DOMINATOR 32gbs 1866mhz with Corsair Link
    CORSAIR DOMINATOR 16gbs 1866mhz with Corsair Link
    Samsung 1TB 850 Pro and 1.5 TB WD Black Data Drive
    512 Samsung 850 Pro SSD and 256 Sandisk Extreme Pro 960gb SSD Data drive
    Corsair 1200W AX Modular Corsair AX850W Modular PSU
    Corsair Obsidian 800D Case Corsair Obsidian 650D Case
    Swiftech H20-330 Edge Kit Cooling Corsair H-60 Enclosed Water Kit
    Corsair H-100 Enclosed Loop in PC2
    Windows 7 64 bit Windows 7 64 bit Professional


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      Re: What is your Favorite Movie?

      Team America World Police
      920 D0, 4.3Ghz, 1.312v (24/7 OC)
      EX58-UD5, TRUE, Gig GTX-260OC
      3GB Crucial 1640 9-9-9-25 1.5v
      Cor TX650, Antec 200


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        There are many but my latest favourite movie is Wonder Woman 1984.


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          RRR is the best movie in the world and it is from India


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            my favorite movie is 3 idiots