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    Then go and see Requim of a Dream. This is an awesome movie. Don't expect anything, and Turn the music UP. Especially in the end of the Movie. :?::snip: :wave:

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    Yep that's a good one.
    Isn't that the same guy who make the movie "Pi"? That was rather strangely good in a weird sort of way too.
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      Yep same Guy, although I haven't seen that one yet. But thanks for reminding me, I'll rent it tonight!


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        Holy damn.. (wonders if the drugs in the movie were used in the creation of the movie)

        I'm about 2/3 through the movie now.. sheesh!
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          Is it a comedy and musical or an animation ;) I like those movies best :p


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            Originally posted by Raven
            Holy damn.. (wonders if the drugs in the movie were used in the creation of the movie)
            So, you believe that drugs stimulate creativity. :devil:

            Well since I am from the Netherlands.
            I would have to agree. :thumb: Although I don't think it's a neccesity.

            And as the film clearly displays there are some minor :rolleyes2 risks involved.


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              Speaking of drugged out movies, TrainSpotting was pretty cool. :thumb:
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                drugs :eek: shame shame shame and movies at that. Hehehehe forgetting about my :smokin: days!!