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    <CenteR><small>when i see u, maybe i do;<Br> have a special twinkle in my eyes. and the corners of<Br>my mouth lit a bit further than usual.<Br>maybe when i see you my eyes become glazed, and my<Br>heart beats a little faster than normal.<Br>maybe i dream that one day i can hold ur hand.<Br><Br>[b]but why can't i? it's not hurting u<Br>[i]its only hurting me<Br>

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    <Center><small>i look into his eyes. and nothing is there. just a glint of impersonation<Br>he acts so tough and cool about everything<br>i am paying the price of what he should have done<br>he ignores me like he never knew me<br>digging deep down into his ice heart, finding enough time to love someone else that should be me<Br>not as long as me dreaming<Br>of holding his hand.<br>maybe i dream too much of the impossible<br>until the impossible comes true<br>i never realised how much it hurts to loose someone who never loved you


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      <center><small>When they didn't cause the pain,<br>it's funny how they say they're glad,<br>when you lie and say you're ok,<br>my life should be spent in total prediction,<br>no outbursts to ruin the mood,<br>for I am quite violent, sadness has struck,<br>no known niceness or virtue<br>I'm just a puppet attached to some strings,<br>doing what "they" tell me to do,<br>but the voices I hear, are really severe,<br>they do everything but comfort and sooth.<br><br>They kick me down, and pull me up,<br>and state that I interfered,<br>but I know all this, I cause my pain,<br>I'm through with all this slander,<br> <br>back and forth through the tunnel of hell,<br>the flames biting, and riding my neck,<br>they rip through my soul, and break me apart,<br>the tones of the screams, I cannot mimic,<br><br>in my harum-scarum ways of life,<br>I have decided to give up,<br>I cannot fight my absent mind,<br>it's the same thing, no let ups.<br><br>I did want some help, but now I dont care,<br>I've done all I can, my time cannot measure,<br>slowly but surly progressing downhill,<br>alone by myself, myself alone still<br>


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        interesting =D

        got some talent there;)