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  • Always follow your user manual

    Hi guys.

    In October i got my hands on my new (well old but u get the idea) car. A 1990 model Ford Maverick 4x4 (for the Australians its just simply a Nissan Patrol of the same year with Ford Badges on it)

    Well i had some modifications done to it.

    The car when i brought it had a 4.2L 6Cylinder Inline engine running of a Dual Injector LPG (for the USA ppl, LPG is simply Propane and Butane mix). I wasn't happy with the power loss on LPG so i had it changed over to a 4 throat LPG intake with a larger tank and added a low RPM Turbo aswell to increase the top end power.

    I changed the oil in the engine out for a LPG recommended Oil from Shell. This Oil was a SAE 10W-40 oil. Not having my user manual with me when i got the oil i naturaly thought this was the oll for my car. after all, LPG fuled.

    When i changed it out, after about 3 monthis i noticed it wsa eating alot of oil. I just simply toped it up thinking i didn't put enough in when i did the filter and oil. 3 more month later almost on low again.

    I checked out the user manual and it states that you need a 20W-50 oil just for normal operations, adn with mine having over 250,000KM on the clock well u can guess. The oil was too thin and being burnt up buy the engien at high RPM's

    I decided to get the thickest oil they have here in Australia to plug tis ******* up. Let this be a lesson to you, Engines ain't just engines, oils ain't just oils. do it right or it will cost you a fortune in the long run

    That my rant for today