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moto-x. Isn't it wonderfull!

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  • moto-x. Isn't it wonderfull!

    Sorry guys but i just love to have a blast round a track on my Honda CR125, does anyone else have a Motocross bike?

    just wondering, because if you don't however possess one, then i would really recommend getting one, however if your a beginner on a bike i would recommmed starting out on something like a HONDA MTX 125, somewhere around 1988 or something, just so if you fall off and f*ck the bike up you can just pick anothe one up for around £300... :D Then once you can ride that like a b*tch then and only then you could move up to a Honda cr125, Kawasaki kx125, KTM125, Yamaha yz125 and Suzuki rm125...

    Really if you haven't ever riden one you have to! It's pure brilliant fun... and when you NEARLY fall one you get a outburst of addrenaline, which is much safer than taking drugs... is some ways anyway!

    So... what are you waiting for!? get a bike! Thrash it round, and if you don't like it, sell the bike for what you bought it for! thats the great thing, motocross and motocross style bikes keep there prices brilliantly!

    Really, i'm not kidding, get one while your young!


    Honda CR65 - ages 6-9
    Honda CR85 - ages 9-13
    Honda CR125 - ages 14 -death... and so on!

    when i say Honda CR i mean any type of RACING motocross bike.

    Have fun when you get one, i just know you will!



    :rolleyes: :D

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    Looks like your alone on this one... although, we used to own a three-wheeler and I used to love riding around on that - Didn't we Olie.
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      Yeah, I think most of us stick to our computers and wouldn't know what the great outdoors look like.

      We had a honda odessey once, that was pretty cool until you rolled the thing down a river embankment.


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        lmao! i mean get a seriously nice brand spanker! i cant wait to go on it agian!



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          Originally posted by Wiggo's-sister
          Yeah, I think most of us stick to our computers and wouldn't know what the great outdoors look like.
          WHAT ??? NO WAY !!! I ride a CR250 !! It's wicked fast ! Sorry BonseR, but 125's are for n00bs !
          I had an 80 (years ago), killed it ! :thumbs do
          What kinda of fuel do you use ? Pre-mix ?
          I run LL-100 Av-Gas (airplane fuel) with a 50:1 Pre-Mix with Motul 800 2T Racing oil. ($20.00/L, but worth it)
          The Av-Gas really packs a punch, but I might go to PRO-FUEL 115% octane next year. It's just so expensive ($2.50/L), when you burn 100+ Litres per season. One of my riding buddies burnt 350+ Litres last year ! But he rode 3 times a week.
          Well, anyways, go to hear that other people here ride too !
          Anyone else ?
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            Chook Chasers are all good fun but these are even better. :D


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              Naaa...This one's better...
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                is this one of those 'mine's bigger than yours' threads now? :)


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                  Nope as the last one is far too small for me to get on. :D


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                    Originally posted by Beefy
                    is this one of those 'mine's bigger than yours' threads now? :)
                    It can't be...As I only have a 250cc puppy of my own ! But it still kicks @$$ !
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                      those were the days tweak.....

                      i ride a 450 Kawasaki quad...
                      has a bit of punch, we give her premium :p

                      if you go out on our road there are all these mini doughnuts on the road...... damn i love the adjustable diff :p

                      she is set up mainly for towing stuff, so it5 tops out at about 50k's but f*ck you can get there quick. just put her in 3rd and flatten it, no need for 1,2, they suck.

                      mate has a honda big red 650...... *drool*

                      got her up to 112km/hr down his road..... love the digital display....

                      work bikes rock. honda 650 4x4's...... we had that thing hit 153km/hr. and the 500 big red has pulled some mad drifts........
                      US: "we were ahhh.... ahhhhh.... ahhhh... ****!"
                      BOSS: "explain"
                      US: "ahhhhhh...."
                      BOSS: "damn you guys suck, this is how ya do it"
                      US: "Holy $hit, hes f*cking good"

                      Having a boss who is 22, who pulls stompah burnouts in the company utes/bikes/cars totally rocks.
                      TT Original


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                        Lucky ******* ! My boss wouldn't do that..That's where I come in !!! :D :D
                        Hand brake in the parking lot....lots of fun...(we've got snow)
                        Yeah ! Quads are cool ! I want one ! My wife won't touch my bike, but she loves quads (go figure), so the plan is to (buy a house) then sell the bike and buy a quad..Yamaha Raptor / Suzuki Z400 / Polaris Predator / Kawasaki KFX 700 V Force (Auto?)
                        Which ever it will be, it's gotta be a rocket.
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                          i just sold my xr250 2000 model

                          just about to buy a yz426f 200 model.


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                            My friend has a 2002 YZ426F. It's a torque monster !
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                              Hehee picked it up yesterday 2001 yzf426. Big difference between it and my old xr250 eheh ;)

                              Where do you guys ride?