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P Plate rule change

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  • P Plate rule change


    The rule for P Plater has or will be changing soon.

    The old rule was that you couldn't drive a car if it had a high power/weight ratio therefor not being able to drive some cars with large V8's.

    The rule has now been changed. P Platers can drive any car as long as the engine in it was put in while the car was in factory.

    Therefore, if you buy a new car with a 351 in it, you can drive it.

    So i heard anyway, Moose might know more about this.

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    Not entirely sure on this one, but I've actually heard that the restrictions aren't even used in Victoria any more and that the Vicroads site leaves the information there just to make people think there's restrictions.

    Not sure if this is correct or not....

    I thought it was 128Kw/tonne..which is a lot, means a 1.6tonne car can pound 205Kw at the wheels.

    But I am not sure about there being NO restrictions along as the engine is standard....

    If that were the case I would be allowed to drive a McLaren F1 or an R34 GTR :p
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      if you could afford it....................;)