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    OK, here i go.
    Post the name and maybe a pic of your fav car or two. I just wanna see what other ppl think, not to start a war over what manufacturer/type engine/model/country is better. Everyone likes something different, live with it. Go ahead and say why, aswell, preferably tech specs and hard facts, not just "cause"

    Porsche 959

    postin a pic later, getting interrupted...

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    2002 Lamborghini Murcielago - Why?..Hmm 432.5 kw & 330km/h is a good enough reason :p , and it looks sexy.

    The Lotus Carlton - Why?, Totally amazing car, VERY rare, Top speed out of the factory = 174Mph :cool:

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      My favorite car is the f-body (camaro/firebird) quick picture below of a firehawk next to a Camaro SS. There the nicest cars on earth!

      200HP/225FT LBS TQ

      z28/trans am
      310HP/340FT LBS TQ

      325HP/350FT LBS TQ

      With some SLP modifications to undo what chevy did (detuned the performance.

      350HP/350FT LBS TQ


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        OK! 959 Time
        The 1984-88 959, with only 30 US version ever made, and only 2 of those legal in the US. Bill Gates happens to own 4 of the illegal ones.

        0-60 in 3.5
        450Hp out of a 2.8L Flat six w/sequential turbos

        10 years ahead of its time, the most sought after Porsche ever made, bar none, and the fastest production Exotice for the next 5 years (beaten only by the 93 RUF CTR 4 "YellowBird")

        Check it out:


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          Sorry, had to post one more thing.
          For those of you that think the 959 is a "standard" Supercar. The real kicker is what it was originally intended for......

          .... rally!


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            McLaren F1

            Power = 467.6 kw / 627.1 bhp @ 7400 rpm
            Torque = 649.4 nm / 479.0 ft lbs @ 5600 rpm
            Top Speed = 386.2 kph / 240.0 mph
            0 - 60 Mph = 3.2 seconds
            0 - 100 Mph = 7.7 seconds
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              HSV GTS Coupe

              See sig


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                Audi TT


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                  The new Nissan 350Z is due out in .au soon.

                  I havnt the time to go grab the stupid qtvr plugin and snap a bigger pic of it, so checkitout for yourself:

                  Im not quite sold on the exterior, I like the 300zx alot better, which goes double with pretty much all these concept cars lately. Not too keen on the bubbly exterior.

                  Interior is to die for, however. Better than my last place. And for 60K, cheaper too. :)


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                    I would actually LOVE one of these one day.

                    Honda S2000.
                    Drove one the other day...fell in love...they handle VERY well, and they go like the clappers, they are comfortable and reliable :)

                    Engine: 2 litre inline 4 cylinder, DOHC VTEC :lips:
                    Power: 176kw @ 8300rpm
                    Gearbox: 6 Speed close ratio manual

                    They also have LSD which is nice.

                    These things run rings around most other stock sports cars in Australia.

                    THE most fun car I have ever driven.

                    Quick!!….Pack your bags!!…

                    The Elephants are coming!!…


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                      You forgot to inculde it gets 20+ mpg, and is excellent for picking up on the ladies. Good buy for 35,000$US.


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                        Well I like most of the cars above and id have em all and ive driven the S2000 fast (It Handles real Nice gocart like even and that 6 speed) but the pikes peak Escudo is the car I really want

                        Production time 1994 Base in Suzuki Escudo
                        Layout Rear and Mid engine / 4WD Tires ???
                        Length 5050 mm / 198.8 in Width 1900 mm / 74.8 in

                        Height 1510 mm / 59.4 in Weight 801 kg / 1763 lbs
                        Engine 2 X Twin turbo V6 DOHC 36 val Wheelbase ???
                        Displacement 2 X 2493cc / 152cu in Gearbox 6sp sequential
                        Brakes Carbon Fibre Vented Discs (f8p/r4p) Base Price ???
                        Top speed ??? 0-100 kmh / 0-60 mph ???
                        Power 742.5 kw / 995 bhp @ 8100 rpm Torque 929 nm / 688.1 ft lbs @ 6500 rpm per Engine
                        More Info Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima, driving his customized Cultus, entered the Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb every year between 1989 and 1994, winning the unlimited division in 1992 and 1993 and coming in 2nd place overall in 1993. He entered again in 1994, switching from his Cultus to an Escudo-based racer, and came in overall 1st place in 1995 with a twin-engine Escudo, which in 1996 evolved into a twin-V6 engine model. The engine are based on the same engine used in the top-of-the-line Escudo street car: a two 2.5-liter DOHC 6-valve model H25A V6. The two engines, rear- and mid-mounted to the aluminum space frame body, are deliver an amazing 995 horsepower at maximum output, with maximum torque of 688 ft lbs (929 nm). These engines are combined with a sequential 6-speed gearbox and all-wheel drive. Double wishbone suspension and carbon disc brakes are used for both the front and rear wheels, with 8-pistons calipers in the front and 4-pistons calipers in the rear. This vehicle was specifically designed to win the Pikes Peak competition. Despite the large body, features such as the aluminum space frame keep the weight down to a super-lightweight 1760 lbs (800 kg), for a power-weight ratio of 1.77 lbs per bhp - making this a monster machine indeed.


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                          Quality pic of the Nissan 350Z (due feb im told)

                          Im still not sold on the exterior. Itll need de-badging and removal of that ghey door handle design. ick.
                          Interior is awesome, and so is the engine. A bargain at 60k AUS$.


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                            Ive already seen a bunch over here. But then again SoCal does usually get first shipments of new global-model cars. The best lookin ones are the ones that have chromed the handle and got chrome rims. Not that im a big fan of chrome, but it does look damn good. And they are already selling a clear light for that ugly yellow one up front. Maybe expensive as its a new car, but nonetheless... but if they'll be anything like the good points of a 300zx, it'll be a good car.


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                              Shaved Badges, Shaved door handle (assuming youll get an electronic RF system to "pop" it open) shaved front bmber to get rid of yellow light altogether, and tint. Here all 3 of those mods would cost you in the neighboorhood of 1500$ if you know the right people. If you dont, that price goes up because body shops wont give you a fair price on the bumber, badges, and door handles - they'll give you "its a new 350z" price.

                              I couldnt put chrome rims on it, and an afterthought would also be to get a billet chrome grill to go in the "mouth" area of the front under spoiler. Maybe another 200$US. And please dont make fun of the Photoshop work. I know its not that great. I spent 5minutes on it, just to get a feel. Its not a good enough colour to really get into photoshoping it. Its also not a good enough colour to buy the car, so maybe get a black, or a blue.