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  • what Turbo to use?

    hey guys and gals I have a Honda Accord 2001 4 cyl VTEC. Anyway this is what I have so far...Sprint Performance Springs 1.5" Front and Rear, Injen Cold Air intake with heat guard, Unorthodox Underdrive pully system, Thermal R&D Cat back exhaust dual with 3" tips, AEM Fuel Rail, ACT Clutch system, Tenzo "Shu-R" racing wheels wrapped in Nitto Rubber, Nopi Carbon Fiber Hood and Wing, and a complete Fuel Management system by AEM. I want alittle more HP so I can compete with other import racers and I am looking at Turbo's. What do you guys think is the best Turbo for this.

    I know that almost everyone here is anti Import but could ya help.

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    turbos arent the way to go for 4-cyls that never had a turbo from the factory. your best bet would be NOS, unless you are dead-set on forced induction, then go with the Jackson Racing Supercharger. a turbo is a complex animal and quite expensive. or sell yer car and get a first generation eagle talon turbo, drop 2k in it, and take on mustang cobras :) and no, im not an import fan, as i like big monster engines....having a daily driven 400hp beast is what im aiming for... :D cheers!
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      I would look at the option of a Supercharger, screw a non factory fitted turbo as it stresses the engine a lot more than a supercharger does. Also with a Turbo you have things to worried about like lag and turbo timers, I would look into a supercharger


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        I'm assuming you're in US as Accords in Aust are only V6.

        Yes, supercharging in probably the better way to go if you're keen on forced induction. You'll have to face space limitations and 50% extra engineering/labor costs for turbo-charging vs supercharging. Since the car is popular (and with US' population size), you may even find aftermarket bolt on kits that would save you a bundle.

        You're probably better off trading in the car for something else - I know you don't wanna hear it as you probably bought the car new, but an Acura Integra Type-R would have more power in stock form.

        Without resorting to forced induction, you have other options: eg. shave your block to inc compression, get some wilder cams, Hyperteutetic pistons (or get forged ones if you intend to fit forced induction later on) and little tiny tweaks such as running hotter plugs, fit a smaller alternator (if you don't have a big stereo - a smaller one would be fine for charging up your battery) would get a few extra horses. Also getting rid of power steering, air conditioning, the back seat, internal door skins, all cabin electrics, noise dampen material etc. would take your acceleration times a few tenths faster - at the extreme cost of practicality. ;)

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