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  • Cordia

    A long stretch I know, But anyone here got/owned or is into the Mitsubishi Cordia?

    I got one for my 21st a few months ago (even tho b'day is in october, call it an early present). Unfortunatly, my mum wouldnt quite trust me behind the wheel of a 2.0L Cordia GSR Turbo, so atm ive only the Naturally Aspirated GSL. (non turbo model)

    ...anyway, anyone want to share any experiances with 'em?
    Good or Bad, I dont care. if I know every good/bad point about my car, then itll make me a better driver......
    Then I can go run you down for dissin' me car.

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    Extremly blurry pic care of a web camera. (Acer DC300):


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      Keep a very regular eye on oil and coolant levels plus be prepared to have the CV joints done regularly. Rust can also be a big prob with them too. :smokin:


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        Rust is not a problem. Shell is nice and rust-free.
        Had some coolant loss problems, but that was due to the fact our driveway is steep, and as the coolant came back into the resovior (sp) it went out the dump pipe. Changing the level of that easily fixed it.

        So you owned one then Wiggo?


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          Had a couple of m8's that owned them and one still owns the turbo version. :smokin: