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    I need some guidance in where I should be headed and how. If you can help, please give me some advise. Much appreciated!

    I got into an accident back in December of 2003 which a speeder ran a red light at approx. 70-80mph hit me while I was making an U-turn. The car was totaled and I'm now in the process of recovering and receiving treatments from a few doctors.

    My frustration is all of my doctors are telling me there's nothing wrong with me and encourages me to just take my meds. After taking X-rays, MRI's, they have found nothing except an unidentified fluid in side my spine about 2cm wide and "cyst" in the left side of my neck towards the back.

    So far, I feel extremely helpless, since no one is able to find out why I'm still in such pain according to their analysis, it's only in my head.

    These pains has limited me to do a lot of activities I normally do before the accident. I even have trouble turning my head, bending forward, urinating. Symptoms are tailbone pain, walking pain from both side of my hips, mid-back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and constant headaches.

    I have been to many doctors seeking for advise, but it has not helped any so far. Can some one please help me out?


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    Re: Helpless victim

    There's an unidentified fluid in your spine and they don't think anything is wrong with you? That seems odd... Also, a cyst is never fun to have, and that should be causing you more than a little pain on its own.

    It's also possible that some of the medications they gave you are causing the problems. Hell, Accutane is an acne medication which is prescribed for someone with cysts and noudules (not you with just your one cyst, though; I'm just giving an example) that can have severe side effects, including what you're describing.

    I think you'd probably get better help at some sort of medical or health forums, if such things exist (I'd bet they do).


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      Re: Helpless victim

      Sounds strange to me as well, I don't believe in some of their "treatments", but some people swear by Chiropractors and how they cured their back related pain. It would be worth a try considering the situation.