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Just thought I would share my ride

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  • Just thought I would share my ride

    Shes not pretty, but with 5speeds and turbo she does the job. :thumb:
    Lemme know what you think.

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    Is this what you've been driving to Texas in? Looks nice and I trust you're talking about the red vehicle on the left of the photo. Who's in the background, anyone important?


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      Yeah the UD is the ride, but its not the one that i took to texas. I was using a 3500 dually, but some chick hit it on the right side, and its sitting waiting for the insurance comapny to pay for it.
      My brother was driving it at the time of the accident. 5miles away from the shop! I drive 5000miles no problem, but he crashes it close by! go figure.
      Anyway, the big red thing on the back is the sleeper for the truck as it has almost no room inside! So its going to be installed shortly.


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        Oh yeah, I forgot to show you why I am now riding in the UD. This used to be my old ride...........


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          Hey kane, when you met me in the 3500 dually, where was the dent?? I didnt see it


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            It was on the right side. So you just missed it. But trust me, its there. :thumbs do