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  • Psychos on the road

    Man, everyone be careful out there. I was involved in a minor fender bender last night, with a FREAK!

    It was rush hour and all three lanes of traffic were stopped. I was in the far right lane, which was ending soon and I had to get over. So I turned on the turn signal, hoping someone would let me over. As traffic started moving (city road 35mph speed limit, we were going 5-10) I thought the guy in the other lane back one car was letting me in. So I came over, thinking everything was fine.

    I drive a '96 Chevy Tahoe, so it's not small. He was driving a Ford F-350 Dually, but not raised. He hits my back right corner on the bumper. I put on the breaks to stop, and he kept pushing. He accelerated and pushed my Tahoe until it was 90 degrees blocking the two lanes, my wheels were totally locked up.

    I thought he was gonna take off, but he pulled over onto the shoulder. So I pulled in behind him and called the non-emergancy number. I didn't get out of the car, that guy didn't seem right. So we sit there waiting for an officer to come.

    As I'm sitting there he got out of his car to look at the damage on his car. He starts swearing and yelling, and starts walking over to my car. He starts yelling at me thru the drivers side window, hitting the car and kicking hit. He slammed his fist into the glass, but it didn't break. As he starts walking away he backhands my windshield, and shatters it with his arm!!!! Then he just walked to his car and started talking to himself. A guy pulled over who witnessed that, even tho no one pulled over for the original accident, gotta love Las Vegas. :shrug:

    The officer finally pulled up and we gave our stories. I stayed in my car the whole time, I still had the shatter glass all over me to prove that. I ended up being sited for an 'Unsafe Lane Change w/ Accident', cuz I waited too long to come over. The lanes were still there, I'm not a shoulder driver, I can't stand those people. But he had the right of way, it was his lane,.... I guess....

    A second officer arrived and got him outta the car and started talking to him. They told me I was okay to leave, so as I left I waved thanks to the third guy that pulled over. He waved back.

    I came home and did all the insurance stuff, and called the police station to see what else I needed to do. They told me I didn't have to file any changes, that the guy was arrested!!! :hammer:

    The worst part is I have a little bit of paint damage from where he spun me, and 3 dents and a broken windshield from him... he did more damage than his F350:wow:

    Anyways, just be careful out there, everybody relax and take the few extra minutes coming home. And be polite to people, who knows what kind of day everyone is having. :2cents:

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    Driving a lot myself, I see this type of people all the time.
    But you were getting in his lane, thats true. But you didnt deserve a ticket as he could have avoided the accident. So it was the cops call really, I would fight the ticket. most likely you can get it throun out, especially after the guy gets arrested, Im sure the judge would understand.

    Im glad that you;re ok.


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      Sounds just like Melbourne, except people force their way into lanes here so I usually just sit back and let them in.
      Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
      Managing Director
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        Wow... WHAT A FREAK!!!

        You are rather smart though to stay in the car. I don't own a car yet, but if someone came out and did that stuff to my car, I would level that loser. Even though it would only create even more problems, it would solve my biggest problem of the rage building inside. Lol people who do that **** don't learn because they have to pay tickets, they learn because they have a busted jaw! Talk about road rage...


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          you're kinda lucky, it could have been worse....2 guys got in an accident a while back and one shot the other guy when he got out of his car


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            Nice added comment minibubba, makes you want to walk. :D

            There are some freakin' idiots out there.


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              Originally posted by minibubba
              you're kinda lucky, it could have been worse....2 guys got in an accident a while back and one shot the other guy when he got out of his car
              Wowzers! That's definetly not cool. Some people truly are freaks. It's like what I wrote on that Connecticut state test I just took. "Stupid people should be thrown in the furnace." I believe the guy w/ the gun counts as the stupid one


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                The officer came back to my house yesterday to take pictures of the car. He told me he had been arrested a couple times before, on for domestic assault. I guess he told the officer, 'Yeah, I just lost my temper.' LOL

                If my 3 yearold was in the car with me, and he kept hitting the car, I would have just drove off. And call the cops again...

                Lifes too short to have so much anger....

                Thanks for the kind words!