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my love letter for u

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  • my love letter for u

    :laugh: :laugh:
    On the Feb 14th, u asked me did I treat u the best, like the lover?

    I didn’t think about that before, after two days I finally got those

    answers in the following reasons:

    1. Before I knew u, I used to get the scholarships all the time and u had to took the make up exam sometimes, but after u became my girlfriend, we are exchanged. it becomes u get the scholarships all the time and I have to take those stupid make up exam.
    2. Most of the time, friends are laughed at me because I wash clothes for u, but I still keep doing that for u.
    3. If there is one apple, of course it is yours, if I got two, I always get u the bigger one.
    4. When we are eating a fish, u absolutely get the meat and the bones are for me for sure.
    5. No matter everyone says u look ugly, I never even cared about that point. As I am handsome boy, u always tell your friends how ugly I am.
    6. Every single time we go out for vacation, I pay for bills.
    7. I never love no one before I met u. U had two boyfriends before,( P.S. one for middle school, another for high school)
    8. When u get angry, u always angry at me. If I got angry, I have to take care it by myself.
    9. When u wanna kiss me, just kiss me. If I wanna do that, firstly get the permission from u.
    10. U hit me when u r unhappy. I never get the chance to do that.
    11. One time, u asked me if u r going to love some one else, will go after u and what will I do. I said I will kill the ”some one else”. If I am going to love some one else, u will castrate me immediately without thinking about the effect. :(
    12. I got a sweater for u, told u that just 50 dollars, so cheap, actually it cost me 300 dollars. What u did was u got a watch for me and asked for 300 dollars, actually it just cost u 50 dollars.
    13. A couple of days before, u said u were ready to have sex with me, I surprised then went to get a condom as fast as I could, but after I came back u said like u were testing me if I was honestly or not. Finally, u said I was wretched scamp. any way……….
    14. I broke your headset last time, I bought a new and better one instead of the old one. U broke my new bike cycle, and didn’t even say one word.
    15. When u sick, I always come around and lost 2 pounds. When I was sick, u got extra 2 pounds for sure because u came to me and finished all of my snacks. that was the reasons.
    16. I don’t mind u r short, otherwise u do mind I am tooooooo tall to reach me head.
    17. u came to me, I slept on the sofa over night, I came to u, I still slept on the sofa.
    18. My mom treats u good enough, take care of everything for u, but your mom never even mention that.
    19. did u still remember that time we went to the performance at downtown which took 2 hours to perform, u sat on my shoulder and enjoyed it upstairs. I was crying and nearly dead downstairs because your weight.
    20. The little kitties were born, I chose the best looking one and gave it to u as a gift. unfortunately, u gave me your gold fishes which u have raised it almost over due their lives. Finally, I did say good bye to them two days later after u gave me.
    21. I definitely wash the socks for u and never lose it, and what u did was just washed two pair of socks and lost one of each when I was sick.
    22. the date of your birthday, I always keep it in my mind, but my birthday is always be the last date of Feb ( I meant Feb 30th ) in your brain. Now again, I am here and telling u my birthday is definitely on Oct 10th which is the same date with the pop star u love. There still are a lot of events show I treat u the best , I will tell u more when I remember it some times in the future………
    :tears: :tears: :tears:

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    what should i do for this girl???
    say goodby or what????

    sick and tired!!:tears: :tears: :tears: :tears:


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      It doesn't seem exactly 50/50 does it.
      Question is, is she doing her best? Giving it her all?
      From what you say that doesn't seem to be the case either.

      Sounds like you were smitten, and now perhaps a bit of disillusionment has settled in.

      Have you talked with her about these things? Seems to be in order, though maybe difficult.

      Talk first, moving on is always an option. You want to work on it, or walk?
      Not making a judgement there - just an honest question that only you can appraise.
      The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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        u r really helping me!!
        it makes me feel better now!

        i know what i shoud do!!

        :laugh: :laugh:

        thanks again for ur suggestions......


        PS any 1 has any idea about this or some advices?