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  • One word story game so far......

    Boy have I given myself a job and a half.
    Well here goes.....

    Kangaroos hop down hills where there is grass growing inside a billabong t-shirt was too small for Bern so he gave someone the finger paint and they painted a wiggo's beer station wagon on fire roast beef bacon and turkish delight, jelly went liquid in glass pants because it blew up and exploded showering wet gibs over the kangaroo bouncing dead on the floor wide open and legs moving counter-clockwise airborne thru clouds of black hair THIS IS THE GAYEST GAME I HAVE EVER SEEN!! said the game destroying king jealously will provide more food for the trolls walked away and licked his a$$ and droppped a log book on detailing on how to get into peoples savings accounts which f*cked women with no brains and big noses hairy noises peguins suck a sardine breakfast like huge marshmellows

    i must agree with SLAMO...half of this doesnt even make any sense..... **Agreed** with some and your point is? toasted marshmellows which (just shows how little attention spans you fellows have) tasted (since when do we ever make sense) like gooey (at least it is funny) but surprisingly (there's like a whole different conversation going on in brackets here... ) sweet (like, did everyone recover from the new year's excesses?) except where the ashes you dropped in (will anyone recover?) Mr Tweaks (i'm still not well) undies (I'm never well) with a pair of tongs (which) burnt the biggest (nothing to recover from) fault was that the smilie --> which sat on on a big AFRO!!!

    The afro fights back because the cat ate a big, fat, juicy, piece of steak which had been given to him by a big, dumb, beefy, oaf by the name of Andy who is was and always will be a smart barstard - unlike the beefy oaf who was just a smart (___o___). But then blew himself up, but as no one knows 's name, we don't really care, unless they mind his name badge at the bottom of the pile of gibs which isn't likely to happen, cos they got blown up earlier by a inflate-a-mate foot pump (hey one word at a time boy) used to refresh her tubular dress which was funny but impracticle for any day and night, so next (was) time someone told her how stupid wearing a tubular dress (i have a feeling this is going round and round in circles) because they are out of fashion embarassing (why are there two answers there?) (to get away from the dress cycle) the male smokin turkey butt stunk like a out-house because his fart-powered motorcycle took off like a rocket, sadly it crashed (and) exploded into flames setting off more waves of farts which breaking wind can have a relieving but deadly result, stinking out everybody in the country and burning down everything in sight.

    But, things that burnt before morning looked very red which reminded the people how dangerous things could out perform you so just pop a cork and be happy, however, things may change the condition of the sphinxter which could be unhealthy if he uses phatt which is really scary if it exploded so violently.

    [instert]*Take notice how fullstops start getting used from here on in*[insert]

    Try to avoid meltdown where it possible to overload **** on a stick.

    Mr_Hankey_with_a_stick_up_his_arse, nice feeling he wanted was it????

    Sex or candy cane that would sweeten the (the above post was mine too) the taste of his favourite food.

    When he went to Bangkok for beer and got lost, looking, finding, searching, seeking a pub where beer women hand drinks to make happy ppl merry for playing headgames with everyone. Starting more dancing and singing, laughing, joking, and then riddles are told with laughter and joy, but it ended before the punchline was told causing lotsa frowns to (in the) crowd are many confused people trying to find a needle in a haystack but can't understand real complicated game rules because someone lobotomized (them) to see

    End of page 20, someone else can continue or I'll carry on with it later.

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    From start of Page 21 to the end of Page 40 (20 pages @ a time would suffice I think..)
    how tick it was. Then (he) stuck his tongue somewhere in the middle of the softest pile of gooey flesh and blood seeping in from the cold beer , thinking it wouldn't hurt the beer but along came a spider that's it!!!!!! a mouse crawling down drain drowned little thing staring stewart little the bear? or mouse it:sun: was feeling very strange indeed. Looking into the pool now:frog: he sees his uncle playing with some marbles hey! he is very careful not to hit anything made of cheese and chives as these tasted yummy for people drinking wine or BEER! together so everyone could enjoy their leisure at the bordello of delight was some lowlife sampling the goods before before I have a chance to sample a knuckle sandwich. and a fistfull hand full of popcorn which was buttered and stank of garlic (the most) unlikely place for having angels like you here.Is everyone who tries will be very disappointed in you because nothing can be done as he was living a lie till the day he found himself now playing with a stethescope checking the pulse of his wrist checking the pulse of (sorry gotta catch up ) his heart while the
    big ass Made his girlfriend do unspeakable acts of raunchy sexual acts with his pet monkey While teaching it how do you (in playing) cards when the phone rang and beefy grabbed a knife trying to kill my computer please because no-one posted all day with Albinus I did ( when I was on last night and tonight) before I left ya to cry all night long scaring (Albinus's) Cat to hide hanging its self from (a) series of repeated bad jokes till no more could found before everyone started to leave because there wasn't any BEER to drink so they went to the pub before it closed but When they reached there they had to find a babysitter for having children is hard to cope with Luckily the couple took along a basket of wine which they happily drank while sucking Chuppa Chups like they hadn't ever eaten one of them before so they decided to buy a dozen bottles which had to be poured in big boxes smoked into large kittens ham that smiles like the crack on her butt while she slipped a big dildo into her hand wondering How (to) insert the dildo all (the) way in confused (and dazed) She pushed it deep inside {Her} tight ear-hole so then (a) visit from her lover was dumb and easy to get her naked butt turned on every way possible. Studying for defects in the shape of those mountains pushing through sideways looked like something thrown down on something very lifelike that reminded her about his over-grown liver which was swollen to (the) point (of) explosion that it disintergrated into ( a ) million (tiny pieces) of blubber that splattered great amounts (of) chocolate ooze (all) over my bed. This (was) better then a horror which on


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      From pg 40 to 59 or Next 19 pages

      TV last night around midnight on channel {water} ABC.
      TV was scaring the dog, it ran far up the path leading to dog heaven where all good dog's go and stopped to turn into the woods of doom, only the night creeps like ghosties who dodge lots of ghey monsters tearing lampshades into Barbie dolls;
      causing weakness in Ken eyes and knees and.....hug her caringly while doing a workout at the meatworks where lots of moles hang out and eat her sandwhich made from the ugliest ingrediants in the fridge.

      After eating many pieces of extremely tastey papas and beer
      (one word) that were delicious to eat and to suck through alot of garden hoses. Till one day it exploded into a pack of rabid wolves intent on chasing down scared little homeless ppl for their money (what money?). So, finding out old cheese was not tastey at 12 am, wow, tasty!

      Now, I'm confused because everything in my soup has gone purple and green with weird dots in the middle of the bowl. He callled for the waiter to look down her? blouse at those dots on her bra which actually splashed there when she tried to eat the yellow apple which she couldn't fit in her mouth. But, which ended
      up on the lap of the old bloke, so the babe went down lower and got on a hard piece of bone from the guy who was glad to accomodate.

      A small babe is pasty, but, she didn't know that her skirt was about to shrink to an extremely small trout shaped vibrating belt that vibrated wildly when sneezed on by dirty dog with a very large dick. However, the tool that is an unbelievably long thing turned into a banana. Indubitably, he saw another banana tree
      with many golfball -sized bananas, duh!

      The keg of banana flavoured beer tasted like it was something that had very bad breathe, sending me down the anyone or anywhere to find small ppl with big belt buckles and toenail clippings that didn't really think like the rest of us.

      So, everyone tore their hair off and their legs as well as their dog's & cat's & rat's that ate many feilds of poppies, grapes & hops, which were needed to help keep the starving ppl from India
      from famine. And so went out to eat many more fields of the tasty hops that were ready for harvesting.

      However, large amounts of beer? Guiness? started flowing into a river making the TT males merry. However, along my travels, I encountered many sexy men wearing bananas with crabs. Looking for a field of dead corn and potatoes with some carrots and even garlic to cook a stew. Afterwards, everybody had a large belch and, what else, a fart, stinking (like a dead rat up ya ass) on corn & decaying blobs of ? pudding!
      One day Mr.Tweak was drunk & feeling good except fot the headache which he got from playing way too much on the couch with Wiggo and Beefy.

      OKAYYYYYYYYY..........this is where ima gonna leave it to any body else to continue.................any takers?????
      Happiness isn't something you experience; it's something you recall.