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The fall of civilisation.....

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  • The fall of civilisation.....

    Gibusu's car roared up the highway, the military convoy was coming up quickly now, he could see the red lights of their cars coming ever closer....
    As the long black herse pulled past the first of the back gaurd cars its sirens briefly flared, before he wound down his window and reached accross and tapped the bonnet of the car, the car immediately veered off the road and down the steep embancment, much to the surprise of the driver, but he will be MUCH more surprised when he finds out what his motor has turned in to....

    The entire convoy by now had fallen into dismay, the long trailer had sped to the front whilst all the other gaurd cars had fallen back to try and surround Gibusu's vehicle, he smirked and put his foot to the floor and quickly got in front of the other cars as the slowed down. He flicked a switch under the wheel and from the back of his car numerous rows of long spikes fell out, disposing of the rest of his followers.

    Gibusu's tail began to twitch back and forth as his smile grew, he was riding besides the long trailer soon, and obviously there was no way of getting control of it from his current position, he reached behind onto the back seat and grabbed a brick that sat on the leather upholsteory, and placed it firmly on the accelerator, and with this he adjusted the wheel so it was facing dead straight and eased himself out the window and with a simple leap, landed on the side of the lumbering truck, at first he found it hard to stay on the side of the truck, but he simply stuck his claws in further, and wrapped his long furry tail around his waist so it didn't get in the way, his long black hair blowing out in the wind....

    Quickly he climbed up onto the roof of the truck and walked steadily up to the cabin, and with a flick of his tail he jumped into the cabin through an open window. He turned his red rimmed, black eyes towards the burly driver, he licked his lips delicately before he said quietly, "Get out of my truck fool!" he extended one short leg and kicked the driver hard, driving him and the door onto the highway. Gibusu slid over the seat, flicking the radio onto his more favoured station, smiling to himself he began to bob his head to the music as he steered the lumbering truck down a side-street off the highway....

    name: Gibusu Law
    race: He's not sure


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    You could of said that she was stunningly beautiful for one so young... Being less then 2 in 20, she rode the streets like she owned them, her light blond tresses framed her face sharply and her cool exterior could of frozen the hottest summer. Her eyes sparked like that of shocking electricity, through them, they stood out, clear, blue.

    Name: Sylvannah Mariss
    Race: Human, with Elvish heritage.

    She seated herself demurely upon her "weapon of fury" in her terms. But in reality it was her motorbike that she was typically fond of. It shone like polished onyx and was just as tough. She kissed it's surface lovingly and revved up it engine and listened to it's soft purr. She smiled discretely to herself and move out from her garage, leaving nothing but the eerie echo of the tyres screeching along the floor as the accelerated at a deathly speed.

    Sylvannah, or "Sylvie" as she prefered, raced down the road, taking no notice of the traffic which moved against her, she laughed in exhiliration feeling the danger run rapid through her blood. As she ran her treacherous path, she turned on her tyres, with a deafening squeal. She watched eagerly, with delight as she watched a slim built, but athletic figure jump from a car to a truck she stared at the figure for some time as it continued down the road. Sylvannah started her engine again and gave chase. The vehicle of which she chose to pursue was nothing flash. Its new driver carried on to control it expertly and she was left obviously taken with his incredible skill, she accelerated further and drove up towards the side of the truck and yelled out towards the figure "So sweetheart, looks like you gots yourself a find there, I'm impressed with your driving skill, care to introduce yourself?"


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      Gibusu looked over his shoulder at the girl perched upon the motorbike besides the truck, he gave a quick nod in her direction to signify the turn, and he steared the truck off the road and down a dusty road.

      About a kilometre later down the road Gibusu pulled the truck to a stop, to the un-seeing eye it would've seemed like any other patch of dirt up or down that road. Gibusu lightly jumped out of the cabin, still dancing rythmetically to the music that was still blarring, his tail keeping its on beat by swaying gently from side to side, his long black hair hanging down to his waist bobbed slightly to his movements.

      Gibusu came to a stop in front of the girl, and looked her up and down, "G'day beautiful, whatcha doin followin me then?" His tail rose up over his shoulder and pointed at her, as if it was getting ready to strike. He lifted on heavily clad foot and shoved it into the ground, a soft click could be heard, and about 10 metres back into the scrub a large hatch pushed itself out of the ground.

      Gibusu hopped back smiling, "Don't look so alarmed beautiful, come in and we'll have a chat!", in one fluid jump he launched himself off the ground and through the open window of the truck cabin and drove it down into the cavern, his voice riniging back up "Are ya comin or not? Oh how rude of me....the name's Gibusu!"

      After driving the truck far enough into his base, Gibusu jumped back out and thumped a button on the wall to close the door, whether the girl was in or not.....then he came around to the back of the truck to claim his prize, apparently they had been working on this project for years! The ultimate weapon, now lets have a look at this then!

      He threw the doors open, rippping one side right off its hinges when it stuck, Gibusu's eyes adjusting quickly to the gloom within stared at what layed there, "What the hell is this?"



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        The truck's doors swung open suddenly. It's contents suddenly came to life: a golden robot with arms and legs like massive cones.

        Name: Puppet
        Race: Scrin Relic
        A golden mechanoid with a simple chestplate and cylinder as it's body, which in turn hold smaller cylinders which make the arms and legs. The ends are elongated cones that have spear-like tips
        . The head is a large grav-orb with a simple mask making an unchanging and motionless face. Every joint has similar but smaller grav-orbs.

        The machine was awakened with the sudden activity and made a quick scan of it's current surroundings. The communications that were meant to be held with it's maker had been severed, leaving the golden robot in the dark as to what was happening. All that was noticable was some kid standing at the only discernable exit. His face was fixed in a state of surprise and fear of the unknown. Puppet didn't know who he was, but what he could tell was that he was no master of his. Arising from the large storage capsule that held him, the spiked creation propped itself on it's legs. Looking to the roof of the truck, he bent his legs, and sent himself skywards, penetrating the hull with his conical arms. Scuttling on to the top of the truck, he proceeded to make good his escape. Jumping down the side of the vehicle, he bent on all four appendages and quickly scaled the walls and followed an upward vent which led to the outside. A series of loud curses could be heard echoing through the cavern.

        Surfacing from the top of the cramped shaft, Puppet found himself at the top of hill that overlooked the city down below. With a place so foreign to him, finding help would be quite the task. Inspecting the wilderness behind him, even finding a secure track could be a challenge. But first things first, knowing that someone may try to gain access through the vent, he aimed his arms at the open vent, and fired them off, bending the pipe off. Retracting his arms, he then proceeded to make a quick succession of dents on the broken sheet of the pipe to create an effective cover to the exposed shaft. With that done, taking the seemingly wisest course of action, the Puppet made tracks through the forested area, leaving no imprint on the ground he trod.


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          Sylvannah flung herself quickly upon her bike. Filled with the sheer excitment upon meeting with the unknown figure as "Gibusu." She had no idea what to expect from his sudden "acceptance" of her, for she'd been a victim of discrimination her whole life. She looked on at Gibusu examining him as he spoke to her. She found his tail and tracked it back towards him, she marvelled at it, as it seemed to dance. She shook herself harshly "Crap, he's left without me..."

          Her bike purred softly as she handled it with keen experience and sped off again to follow her maybe "partner in crime." She'd hoped that he'd accept her offer when she made it. Though, she'd only known him for a mere 20 minutes. In that small amount that passed, she remained adamant. Hearing the rumble and the soft vibrations that she fed to the road, her chase was slow, Sylvannah became unpatient and banged on her bike sharply "Come on, dammit, I have places to go!" As if life seemed to heed her call, everything came into action, as a quick rush of events, which blew past her in ignorance. Sooner then she'd expected, she came to a garage, stopped, turned her engine off quietly and heard crashing of metal grinding along concrete, then the sound of Gibusu's voice through the walls.

          "What the hell is this?"

          Sylvannah, hidden by shadows, walked towards a door, dimly lit around its frame and shimmed in stealthly towards the furry tailed man, she came up close behind him and spoke. "I see you have...a strange contraption in the back of your truck. I take it that you did not expect this? ...It's original, for sure, but what does it ACTUALLY do?" Gibusu at the sound of her voice fell backwards into her. "Oh, I'm sorry, was I not invited?" She looked at him cooly, watching him look back at her in the same way. "I am a woman of needs, and right now, from watching you, my furry friend, I'm going to need your skill. Surely you have noticed that you are a prime target of recruitment, I'd really love to have you join me in my 'escapades.'"

          Gibusu looked her strangely "I want to know what the HELL that is in my truck!" Sylvannah patted him firmly on the shoulder, which he stared at briefly. "Cool it, right now, I'm sure there are more important things. Name's Sylvannah Mariss, but...please, call me Sylvie. What do you say Gibusu? By the way, do you happen to have a surname, friend?"


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            Gibusu raised one thin eye-brow, then intimatedly he rose himself to his full height and tensed his muscles, "You tease my fur and you expect to be let away with calling me.....FRIEND! How dare you!" His tail whipped from side to side quickly his eyes nothing but embers, then instantly his face lightened seeing the shock on her face as she stepped back wards, a broad smile crossed his face and his eyes sparkled slightly as he laughed merily, "Of course babe, i'll be in your little gang!" He backflipped and landed in a crouch on the top of the truck, and tilted his head from one side to the other, admiring her rugged looks.

            As he crouched there he heard a crunching coming from the vent that little thing had ran up, what a strange contraption.....his tail was dancing to the music coming from the cabin once must have been trying to block Gibusu's route of following it, what a strange little thing....

            His dark eyes swivveled back down to the girl as she stood there staring at him, expecting something, oh yes...of course, he let out another burst of high laughter, "Scatter-brain i am for name of course.... Gibusu Law, thats me! As you can see i'm not exactly from around here!" His tail came up over his shoulder and seemed to wave at the girl, "I've been working on this planet for around 23 years now i guess, mostly terrorist and assasin work, anything to keep me entertained! And i've found that my hand fits perfectly into that line of finger prints my dear, and light feet work too i've found!" With this Gibusu seemed to disappear and reappear behind the girl where he put his chin on her shoulder and swivelled his eyes up to look at her's whilst his tail tapped her on the other shoulder, "Being fast is always a good thing as well!"

            "So whats your plans for me? Anything in particular?" He quietly said to her his chin still resting on her shoulder....



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              Sylvannah sighed firmly "Mr Law, I appreciate your 'optimism' but one, I'd REALLY like it if you didn't call me 'babe' and two, and I'd love it even better if you didn't put your chin upon my shoulder" She looked down at him severly. She turned to look at him directly, which threw Gibusu off guard slightly. "Well, what was I going to say...yes! I remember now. I didn't 'tease' your fur if bothers you as much, because, you're covered in it, literally, so I wouldn't get TOO offended." She paced back and forth for a few moments and murmured some words to herself, too incoherent for anyone else to hear. She looked up and caught him staring at her, she frowned back. "Why do you stare at me like that? ...I know, you think I'm cute don't have no chance." She laughed brightly and smiled back. "But let me get back to business shall we? I'm on the trail of an expensive artifact that's being held on show...I plan to steal it, and sell it off to any 'willing' buyer, I'm also up for recognition...and the money, so what's new?"

              Gibusu stared back blankly. Sylvannah sighed "Okay, there's a catch, I need someone that's fast and can move around easily, the place is rigged with invisible laser, that if tripped will set off the alarms, that where you come in." Her new partner's expression grew as she explained it "I'm getting more excited by the second..." He smiled broadly at her. "I'm also up for any suggestions, it seems so...small a task for such a capable person, like yourself." She paced the room a few times and as her eyes feel upon the robot, she stopped and stared at it as it left the room, confused. "Okay, what the hell is that? Is that what's troubled you?"


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                Gibusu laughed again and jumped onto his hands, then pushed himself into a backflip while saying, "Yeah sounds good babe," as he turned he saw the scowl on the girls face which only made him laugh louder, "Easy enough i think," His voice suddenly turned serious as he jumped and landed mere inches in front of the girl and he stared down at her, daggers in his eyes, "But whats my cut? It seems i'm going to be doing all the work...."

                Sylvannah looked at him cooly, not falling for his Macho trick twice, and walked backwards and slapped the button to open the garage, and as the doors grinded back she said with a flick of her hair, "Why don't you come and find out?" With this she jumped swiftly on to her bike and whirred off in a spray of gravel.

                Gibusu scarled, then lightened quickly chuckling at the retreating lights in the distance, he jumped out on to the road pulling out a remote and lightly pressing a button and stomping on the switch to close the garage, just as all the light faded from the hidden opening a twin pair of headlights appeared on the horizon.

                The roaring of Gibusu's black herse could be heard from far away, and as it neared, he pushed another button on the controller and the window slid down on the passenger side, quickly he put the remote back into his waist coat pocket and leapt into thin air.....the car catching him as he moved outwards.

                As Gibusu settled into the drivers seat, he removed the brick from the accelearator and swiftly put a tape into the stereo, and as the heavy bass started he wound down his window letting his hair hang out, blowing back in the wind.

                He slipped the car down a gear and planted his foot to the floor, the car jumped into action, pushing Gibusu back into the seat as he smiled, he soon saw the lights of the girls motorbike start to fall into his vision, he reached over to the glove compartment, and although it was dark, removed a pair of highly reflective sun-glasses and put them over his darkly tinged eyes, a thin smile crossing his face....



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                  Not more than a few minutes of bushwhacking, the golden machine had come to the edge of cliff. The land below was much less alien than the previous areas, namely the weird stony bunker and the strangely furnished wilderness behind him. The barren surface below was like a scene he had seen so often. The rolling flats of endless rock and gravel deposits, sparsely littered with mismatched outcrops of featureless and dry stone. It was a battlefield, like the ones that it was literally born from. Maybe the answers it seeked were down below? Looking down the steep cliff, the spindly artifact began it's descent, leaving the strange greenery behind him and entering the dead sea of clay below it.

                  The machine's balance was impeccable, not too concerned with gravity as most life forms are. Standing upright and quickly running down the slope, the Puppet made record time to get to the bottom of the cliff without arriving in a heap. Staring around the foot, there was the same wasteland facing him from all angles in 180 degrees. To him, anywhere was better than back up to the forest. The sands were a welcome change to the foreboding brown pillars and swaying green tendrils underfoot. The war torn landscape ahead was inviting and hinted at a possible escape from this place. Deciding that the best form of transport was the fastest one, it bent down low, and set his legs in motion. With a manic and furious action, the golden locomotive set off in motion, tearing up desert sands.

                  The skies above began to darken. Not stopping to rest, the machine was still at work in turning the soil. The same featureless dirt awaited him at every turn, an enternity of dust. Slowly realizing the futility of running any longer, the Puppet came to a rest by a black obsidian monolith. Perching itself to rest would bring time to reminisce on how it had gotten to Earth in the first place. Reaching into all of it's memory banks only upturned weapons files, enemy descriptions, accomplished mission dossiers, but no memory logs. Only a single designation was given: Research. Without a real clue as what to research due to the blunt orders and all recent items being wiped away from memory, the golden Puppet was left to stare at the churning skies and the growing shadows. Behind him, the monolith began to glow with the robot's presence. The full ivory moon above shone it's light atop of the grim totem, and coupled by the beams that were reflected off the machine's reflective cover, began to light up the strange markings that were undetectable in the dark. A slight humming began to emanate from the obelisk, and slowly turning his head, the Puppet was amazed at what he saw.


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                    Sylvannah rolled her eyes as she heard the music from Gibusu's vehicle. "Hey Law, turn that crap off, I don't wanna draw any attention, especially where we're goin'!"
                    Gibusu stared out the window and peered at her with the look of death in his eyes. "I think you draw enough attention on that bike...babe." She hissed at him and shook her head. "Somebody tell me WHY I bothered..." Again, the blond-haired beauty took to the streets, though this time, she was a little cautious in her actions. This area, she noted was a prime target of criminal acts, side for the fact that she was not one of them. She drove with careful insight and kept to the limit, she took little notice of her surroundings and she yawned for some strange reason. "S'pose I must be tired."

                    A few minutes and a few sharp corner turnings later she arrived back from where she'd started, she had intended to go out simply for a few groceries, but came back with a little more something only short of amazing. Her new recruit was rather "optimistic" as she noticed, always willing to smile. This frightened her somewhat, and she quickly shoved the thought into the back of her mind. She slowed her bike as she pressed a button for the door to open, it stopped halfway...she groaned inwardly. "Aw...dammit! Not today!" her voice rang as she hurriedly turned of her bike's engine and kicked its stand into place. The frustration she showed was evident as she walked stiffly towards the garage door, which was tilted somwhat left of a straight line. "What the hell is wrong with this damn thing?" She grabbed her pocket torch from her jacket poocket and flicked it on, crawled underneath the door, and screamed in anger, the chains on the door had decided to jam. There was nothing she could do about it, as there was nothing physically wrong with it. She crawled back underneath the door, but as she attempt to bring herself out again, the door came back down upon her and stopped, trapping her under it...the result was rather...hilarious.

                    Gibusu edged slowly into her territory, he stopped abruptly and removed himself from the vehicle, she stood over her, examined her closely, exposing every effort to hide his amusement. Then as he stood looking over the small woman, he burst out laughing. Sylvannah looked up at him, not in the slight, impressed, tapped her fingers unpatiently on the ground where she lay uncomfortably. "...Law, you had your fun, just get me out of here..." He stood strong in his position and refused to move, but he continued to laugh at her predicament.


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                      Gibusu raised one eyebrow as he peered down at the girl stuck under the large garage door, then as his tail flicked from side to side, he burst out laughing ashe realised that she wasn't joking, she was actually stuck where she was.

                      Gibusu walked quickly around to where the girl had been standing when she had pressed the button earlier to raise the door, he promptly found the button and raised one well manicured claw, then he turned his head and smiled at the girl, his finger raised to the door raise button, "You certainly are in a predicament aren't you my dear? Possibly this should be the right time to make you tell me what your plans are for my payment?"

                      Wth this he started laughing again and took one step towards the girl, his tail stretched out towards the girl and brushed her hair behind her ears, and off her face and forehead, then he stood right above her and stared downwards. His tail stretched out backwards as he stared and playfully went from being placed above the downwards, and upwards buttons of the door.....

                      ooc: Mel, i've sent you a PM explaining a few things, i'm sorry :cry:



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                        Sylvannah peered up painfully from her position, Gibusu looked down upon her, his image brought fear to her mind. He didn't look menacing, but portrayed with power. She looked down as to avert his gaze and to put his laughter out of his mind. He crouched near to her and moved his tail near her face to brushed the bangs which fell heavily upon her face. She stared up at Gibusu, she wasn't sure what to think. She felt insecure from his action, was he concerned for her...?

                        She shook her head weakly. "What are you doing to me...can you not get me out...please? I' a lot of pain, please..." She begged. The garage door, which she lay beneath fell a little lower, Sylvannah cried out in pain, which came out more of a meek cry then a scream. "As you can tell I'm not really in a position to play games with you Gibusu." He quickly darted his eyes until it reached the button and his tail hovered only a few centimetres above it, before he could press it, Sylvannah spoke. "...I can't breathe." She'd never felt so vulnerable as she did at that moment, she'd much rather die then ask for his sympathy. She looked up from where she lay her vision became blurred and she felt herself growing sleepy. She relaxed "Hmm...goodnight." Sylvannah passed into unconsciousness.


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                          Gibusu stood quickly and slapped the button marked 'Up' on the remote on the wall, in a few jerky movements the door worked its way upwards, as the door jammed again half-way up embers burnt in his eyes as he placed both hands and threw the door upwards, bending the steel runners on the side as the jam was also forced up by Gibusu's bulging arms.

                          Next he turned his eyes down to the un-concious girl, he knelt down next to her, and put a gentle hand under her lower quarters and unders her back, as he stood with her easily his tail wound its way around her head and held it up to ease the strain of her neck. He looked down at her with new eyes, he stared down at her with pity, "Wake up! Please....i meant no harm babe, come on!"

                          Gibusu had never had to do it before, but he knew some basic medical procedures, he walked over to his car and lightly kimped up onto the roof of his car, and placed her down beside him, he looked up one way and then the other to make sure there was no one watching, then he placed both hands on her chest, and heaved, breathing into her mouth, until her eyes clicked open.

                          "Now little one, please don't make me have to do that again, although its not exactly an un-pleasent experience" He quietly said to her as he hopped off the roof and winked at her from the ground and he licked his lips and smiled up at her as he savoured the taste watching her scowl, "Now babe, lets do whatever we came here for....."



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                            Sylvannah's eyes fluttered open slowly and she looked up to see Gibusu looking down at her as he helped her up. She felt strange, and her back hurt. "What...Law? What have you done to me?" She stared at him in pure contempt. "What was I saying? ...I, hold on, I need to get something." She attempted to lift herself from his arms, but failed as the pain which throbbed at her back ripped through her chest and she fell back into his arms crying in agony. He watched her carefully and placed a blanket over her. She groaned and her eyes felt heavy as she struggled to hold them open. "...Damn, I'm tired. I'll talk to you in the morning. And didn't I tell you not to call me 'babe'?" He laughed softly at her.

                            Gibusu assisted her inside, and she guided him towards a couch, like herself, made completely of leather, it smelt new and still gathered its shine. She seated herself uneasily upon it and rested against the armrest "Ohhh...I'm sorry, I wuld go over the plans, but right now, I'm seriously considering a new garage door. I knew that it'd kick me in the butt one day, I was fortunate you came along" She grabbed the shabby, gray woolen blanket which covered her and she huddled closely within it and she sighed quietly to herself. "Feel free to walk around, there's nothing to take however, so don't bother trying...well, at least I THINK there's nothing to take." She examined the ceiling from where she lay and she stayed silent for a while, before asking. "If I was unconscious, how did I become conscious again, was it you? I've never experienced anything like that."

                            He sat next to her, but preferred not to say anything, she understood it to be a sign, she didn't ask any further questions. Sylvannah lay and it caused her pain to even think of it, she never really had to take anyone into consideration before, but before she could stop herself she said "...Thanks." The light haired woman then covered her head with the blanket and silently cursed herself to sleep.


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                              Gibusu heard her muffle some words into the sheet as she fell to sleep, cute.....

                              Gibusu stood and looked around the dark room after waiting for her to fall uneasily into sleep. 'I never was too good at that healing crap...' he said quietly to himself. He walked back out to where the bent garage door was and jumped up and caught it in his paws as he went outside and pulled it down as he rounded off his somersault, the door clanged loudly to the ground as he hit the ground in a crouch both hands on the ground as his tail flicked from side to side.

                              He looked around, up and down the alley he was sittting in, then he sniffed the air, and jumped and landed on the wall of another building, using his momentum he boucned again off that wall and onto another and then onto the roof tops of the city. He turned marvelling at the sight. The bright Neon lights stretching out in all directions made his heart jump into his throat, it was so beautiful, then as if someone had flicked a switch in his mind, Gibusu started his usual bob, to the music in his head and his tail kept the rythm, as always, as he started sprinting accross the roof tops jumping and easily clearing the gaps until he came to a place that looked interesting, there seemed to be yelling coming from inside, and as he looked at the large Neon that was placed outside, his thoughts were confirmed, a Pub.....excellent.

                              Gibusu let himself down softly, using his tail as a rope as he swung down the side of the building, using the guides of the large Neon sign as he went down. He hit the ground with a soft thump, as just then a large burly man flew back wards through the door and landed in the gutter by Gibusu's feet, he peered down at the man then with his tail picked him up by the throat and raised him to his feet, then noticing the stench of rum and whisky on his breath, threw him back down again, he stepped over the sleeping fools body and opened the door and walked into, still bobbing to the music in his head.

                              "Ok everyone! Who wants to buy me a drink today then? strange..." Everyone in the whole club had turned and had their eyes transfixed on Gibusu's tail as he strided towards the bar, and as he walked the bulking statue of the Bouncer moved from the shadows and placed a hand on Gibusu's shoulder, he was dragged along the ground as he continued to he neared the bar he stopped and looked at the hand on his shoulder, then turning swiftly and raising a solitary finger to the mans face he wobbled it from one side to the other.

                              The bouncer jibbered quietly, "We don't want you in this bar, we don't take kindly to stran.......WAIT!Ive seen you on a few picutre, your that Gibusu fella, sorry my man, i didn't mean anything by it...." he fell to his knees and clased both hands in front of his face. Gibusu smiled and his eye's slitted into two thin lines, he tilted his head from one side to the other, the straightened it again, and started to laugh quitely, then raising both arms out from his body he yelled, "Now everyone! Watch carefully now, look ma! NO HANDS!" The last 2 words came out as nothing more then a loud growl as his tail shot out and wrapped around the bulking mans neck, Gibusu continued to growl as he walked backwards, tightening his grip and staring at the mans face, until he stopped struggling, and fell limp to the floor.

                              Gibusu turned to the staring bar, then his face lightened again, as he walked towards the MusicBox and put in a few of his more favoured tunes, and as the bar was filled by the heavy bass that he loved so much he bobbed his way to the bar and sat down and ordered, all eyes still following his tail, which now had the coughed up bile and blood of the boucner dyeing it to different colours all over its length......