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I'MMMMMMMMMMMM BACK!!!!!!!!!!! That Fatguy's Back Game!

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  • I'MMMMMMMMMMMM BACK!!!!!!!!!!! That Fatguy's Back Game!

    Well, I'm sure maybe 2 - 3 people remeber me from a while ago when I was pretty active on these boards and [email protected] Tweaktown Team, but now I'm back, hopefully for a while, and to start off my return, I have invented a wonderful game, known as:

    "Where the hell did the Fatguy go? Game" I mean, come one, i'm fat, and fat people arent easy to kidnap!

    So heres how it works, everyone gets to guess what happened to me that I dropped off the face of the earth. Pick one, if you win, you get to brag about winning this AWESOME game! So lets get started!

    What happened to Fatguy3?

    a) A long lost group of ancient alien races came back to earth, saw Halo 2, saw Fatguy3 trying to port the Alpha code to a PC platform, and decided to abduct him0to work o a huge laser to destroy the evil Moon Dwellers of Netecin 4.

    b) He died in a tragic monitor coil discharge accident and was brought back to life by a voodoo priest as a zombie, who in turn FatGuy ate and become normal because of some old Voodoo rule about eating your maker and turning back human from a zombie.

    c) Valve arrested him for hacking the gibson and stealing the Half-Life 2 code, then dropped the charges when the realized there was no jail large enough to hold him.

    d) A large petroleum corporation recruited his computing expertise to go work on an a semi-illegal project 300 miles from his home and gave him 36 hours notice before he left to live in a hotel for nearly a year.

    e) His computer blew up and hes only now getting over it after a year of heavy medication and counseling.

    f) He was recruited by the US Army to sniff out (literally) Saddam Hussein using his uncanny ability to sense any form of food from 50 miles away.

    Take your pick or make up your own! Let the game begin!

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    Re: I'MMMMMMMMMMMM BACK!!!!!!!!!!! That Fatguy's Back Game!

    I'm thinking it's D. Also, alot of the regualrs have moved here