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Problem accesing Forum via Hotmail??

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  • Problem accesing Forum via Hotmail??

    Several members of our forum have reported having problems accesing the forum using links in e-mail through their Hotmail.

    I believe, though have not proven as of yet, the problem may lie in Active Scripting within Internet Explorer.

    I have been trying to work through this with a member of this forum. Initial results seem promising, though results of further testing still remains to be seen.
    At the time, the forum member I have been working with could indeed see graphics, as well as post under their name -- if I understood correctly.

    In so much as it is my belief at this time having "Active Scripting" enabled is the work-around for the problems, I have devised the following preliminary fix. Further updates may well follow, but I would like to share the information gathered so far.

    Assuming that active scripting is key, and not wanting to give such priveledges indiscriminately on the members precious system, we established TweakTown as a "Trusted Site".

    This is done within Internet Explorer (5x and above I believe).
    Click on "Tools" on the IE toolbar, and select "Internet Options".
    Select the "Security" tab, and highlight the "Trusted Sites" icon.
    Click the "Sites" button -- a new dialouge box should open.
    Within the box labled "Add this Web site to the zone:" - type in -- * --- then click the "Add" button.
    (NOTE; using the asterisk - Shift+8 - acts as a wildcard character, designating everything within the domain as being included within this "Trusted Site".)
    The entry -- * -- should appear in the listing now.
    Then click "OK" -- this should take you back to the "Internet Options" dialouge.

    For the second step, again under the "Security" tab.
    Making certain you have the "Trusted Sites" icon highlighted, click the "Custom Level" button. This will again, open a new dialouge box, titled "Security Settings".
    Near the bottom of the listings within that box, you should find a heading labeled "Scripting"
    You should see 3 entries there with 3 radio buttons for each.

    "Active Scripting" (I believe this one to be the culprit)
    "Allow Paste operations via script"
    "Scripting of Java applets"

    Ensure that "Enabled" is selected for each.
    (Note; at this time we have only attempted this using all 3 enabled, it may prove that active scripting is the only 1 necessary, but as it is late-night for the forum member I have been working with, we have yet to attempt it using anything other than our initial method of enabling all 3.)
    Click "OK".
    Again you should be returned to the "Security" tab.
    Click "Apply".
    Click "OK".

    Initial reports indicate this has enabled graphics when accessing this forum through HotMail, as well as being logged in correctly.

    In time we shall determine if this situation is resolved in this manner on a permanent basis.

    Any feedback, or problems?
    Please post it, as we are working to alleviate this problem for all the forum members who have had this experience. Any input you can give may well help us to resolve the issue.
    Thank You.
    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.

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    The esteemed member of our forum which I have been working with has reported that all images are viewable, in addition so far, they have been logged in when replying to threads.

    So far --- so good

    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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      For those with IE6 also check for the little red symbol at the bottom right 2 sqares from the zone indicator and if it's there double click on it and see if it's blocking any TT cookies and if so double click on the cookie which will pop another window up the enable the cookie/s to pass. :smokin:
      <center> </center>


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        These pics should help understand what I mean. :smokin:


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          This deserves a repeat:

          all okey dokey here Mr C, thanks for helping me overcome the dreaded plague of red x's the eye returned and I unblocked Tweaktown cookies, hopefully all is now well, and no more unregistered posts because the forum does not recognise me as being logged in, will occur
          :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:


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            Actually, I believe blocking the ad cookies won't have any adverse effects in accessing the forum. Because they are from a different domain name.

            But as a show of support for TweakTown, it is a fine idea to accept cookies from the banners on this site!

            One of these days, I will catch the wife in the mood for some more RAM for her laptop. Then hopefully the Crucial banner will be up -- so TT can get a bit of credit for the sale.
            Last time she was ready to buy, the Crucial banner wasn't up, so I delayed the purchase.
            The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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              Actually I think that blocking the 1 attached my cause a problem, but I'm not sure, as it tracks the site and it's pages. :?:


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                I never noticed that was there, I've had that domain in my "Restricted Sites" list for a long time.
                The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                  Still posting strongly from hotmail Mr C :wave: :kay:


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                    You go girl!!: peace2:

                    Actually that webtrends cookie is quite benign Wiggo.
                    I never noticed it for some reason, but I have that domain under tight restriction.

                    Webtrends is very harmless, used by a lot of webmasters to gather non-personal data about visitors.
                    Things such as;
                    What browser they are using
                    What operating system
                    What domain they arrive from and go to
                    What pages the visitor views

                    And lots of other stuff that a webmaster might use to tweak his sight to the audience he is attracting.

                    No credit card #'s or names or any personal data.
                    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                      Yes it certainly helps Tweak know what's goin' on thru the whole site and where the most traffic is. ;)