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    - Proper site? Need to watch a video before i can read anything!? Used to be i could block that, no longer the case though; wait for the video to run in its entirety, mute sound obviously (yet another hussle, again while i'm still waiting), or close page altogether. Wanna guess how often i read Tweaktown articles ever since this was implemented?
    That's right, never. You might as well have ceased all writing.

    - Forums? Two and three verifications (post-editing included) just so i can make a post? A single post?
    Wud u rathr our postz wr like diz?

    - Speaking of verifications, just because CAPTCHA now occasionally has alternating images on top of it all, taking even more of my time, each and every time (see above).. it doesn't mean you need implement them.

    Are you doing your damnest to keep people away, or is this your idea of what an ideal site/forum must be like?
    As with all things in life, it's called measure.

    You want to "improve" on something, how about focusing on some user friendliness, QoL or even a better forum software?

    Thank you for reading.
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    Since the late 80s the "audiophile" world became untrustworthy. Here, headfi, whathifi... None of them would go for a blind test and all have a biased judgement based on price and brand (they cost that much and come from that brand, then they defo are the best and if you disagree you know nothing) and most of them (more over here) never bench tested their gear and seriously, have you ever heard someone spend 200e + and then say it's crap? Human beings never do that nowadays, money spend defines quality now. Best way to chose is to try. We ALL HAVE DIFFERENT MORPHOLOGY, so what sounds good to me can sound horrible to you hence testers/reviewers being total bs to me (and lot of real testers). Get the benchmarks tests (the numbers) base your ear to this (when numbers are like this i find it warm or like that i find it too chromatic etc) and pull the numbers out when your ears like the sound (thats how you define YOUR sound signature) to then pre-select your gear. From there test your preselected devices and purchase. If you really want to follow someone else's choice then read, get someone that has ears similar to yours (let's say you both find ABC warm and precise on the mid, and both find DEF squeeky and metallic, and GHI similarly flat - at least 3 devices in common) and follow them on here. Websites receive free stuff to test and it colors their judgement. They also have sponsors and so on. Really not the best for unbiased reviews.



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      Thank you for reading. watch IPL



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        Of course, what you explain and make points are reasonable