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    Also, just coz I have just started posting to the Tweaktown forums/writing for tweaktown (because my site closed up), doesn't mean I haven't been here for a while. I started reading TT early 2000, been keeping in touch with tweak ever since and met up with him in december 2000. More than a year on, after I announced closure of AcidHardware, tweak offered me a position on TT staff and I gladly accepted. I look forward to helping make the site even better than it is now, and for those of you that read the main page, you can look forward to many reviews from me :)

    As a bit of self pimpage, you can see an article of mine on page 26 of the latest Atomic magazine (issue 12). You can also see two more articles from me in the next issue that comes out this coming wednesday.

    Enjoy! No hard feelings :p