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    Here are a few? sayings for you poor yankies out there who don't understand all we Aussie might say:
    Alphabetical List:

    Acca- Academic (university-type!)
    Aggro- Aggressive
    Agro- Australian icon, children's TV puppet, made from a bathmat!
    Alco/Alkie- Alcoholic
    Amber Nectar/Amber Fluid- Beer
    Ambo- Ambulance or Ambulance Officer
    Ammo- Ammunition
    Ankle-biter- Infant
    ANZAC- Australian & New Zealand Army Corps
    Arvo- Afternoon
    Aussie salute- Using hand to wave away annoying flies

    B & S Ball- Ball held for Bachelors and Spinsters, singles crowd, often held in the bush or remote location and often involving copious amounts of alcohol and sometimes mud!
    Back blocks- Outer suburbs, beyond the city
    Back of Bourke- Beyond remote outback town in northern New South Wales; used to describe anywhere far away
    Baggy green- Term for the Australian Test Cricket Cap
    Bail- Depart or leave
    Bail Up- To rob or hold up; bail someone up in the street for a chat
    Bananabender- Person from Queensland State (Queenslander)
    Barbie- Barbecue, the backyard barbie, an Australian institution!
    Bargain- Exclamation showing approval
    Barney- Argument,fight
    Barrack- Cheer loudly for your favourite footy team
    Barra- Barramundi fish
    Barro- Embarrassing
    Bathers- Swimsuit
    Battler- Someone who struggles to get by, financially, against the odds
    Bean counter- An accountant
    Beanie- Woollen hat
    Beaut- Beautiful, good - "You beaut!" (also 'Bewdy')
    Bender- Heavy drinking session
    Berk- Idiot, fool
    Berko- Go berserk, mad, crazy
    Betcha- I bet you!
    Biffo- A fight
    Big bikkies- Lots of money
    Big smoke- The city
    Big sticks- Australian Rules football goal posts
    Bignote- A bighead
    Bikie- Motorbike rider
    Bikkie- Biscuit
    Billabong- Waterhole
    Billy- Tin used to boil water for tea, in the bush
    Bingle- Car accident
    Bit of a brothel- A mess!
    Bities- Biting insects
    Bitser- Mongrel;'Bitser this, bitser that!'
    Bizzo- Business
    Black Stump- Non-specific place in the outback
    Blob- No runs in cricket- 'out for a blob'
    Bloke- Man,guy
    Blokey- Male domain, male-orientated
    Blotto- Drunk
    Blow-in- Newcomer
    Blowie- Blowfly
    Bludger- Lazy person
    Blue- Argument, fight
    Blue Heeler- Term for an Australian Cattle Dog
    Blue swimmer- $10 note, blue in colour
    Bluey- A redhead! Or a swag
    Boardies- Board shorts (for surfing)
    Boatie- Person into sailing
    Bonza- Great!
    Boofhead- Idiot
    Boomerang- Scheme which backfires on you; originating from the Aboriginal weapon made from a curved piece of wood which returns when thrown in the air
    Booze- Alcohol, normally beer!
    Booze bus- Police vehicle used in Random Breath-Testing exercises
    Booze cruise- Boat trip along the river either stopping at various pubs or offering plenty of alcohol to onboard passengers
    Bottleshop- Liquor store, off-licence
    Bottleo- Bottleshop
    Bozo- Idiot
    Brekkie- Breakfast
    Brissie- Brisbane, Capital of Queensland (Also Brizzie)
    Brownnose- A creep or crawler
    Brumby- A wild horse
    Buckley's- No chance!
    Buck's night- Stag party
    Bum- Buttocks
    Bunch of Fives- Fist
    Bunyip- Mythical Australian creature with a piercing cry
    Burl- Attempt, try
    Bush- Outside the city
    Bushed- Tired
    Bushie- Member of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade
    Bushman's brekkie- To have no breakfast!
    Bushranger- Highwayman (eg. Ned Kelly)
    Bush Telegraph- 'Grapevine', word-of-mouth
    Bush tucker- Food gathered from nature, in the outback
    Bushwalking- Hiking in the bush
    Bust a gut- Work hard

    Cab Sav- Cabernet Sauvignon wine
    Cabbie- Taxi driver
    Cack- A cackle, have a laugh, or someone with a sense of humour!
    Cadbury- A cheap drunk (As in the Chocolate ad: " A glass and a half" )
    Camo- Camouflage clothing
    Cancer stick- A cigarette
    Cas- Hospital Casualty ward
    Cask- Boxed wine in a bladder
    Castle- Cricket stumps
    Cheerio- ****tail sausage, also means 'goodbye'!
    Chippy- A Carpenter
    Choof off- Leave, depart
    Chook- Chicken, term of affection, 'Chooky'
    Chrissie- Christmas
    Chuck- To throw, or be sick
    Chuck a spaz- Be angry (Also 'chuck a mental')
    Chuck a U-ie- Make a U-turn
    Chunder- Be sick, vomit
    Cobber- Mate, friend
    ****ie- ****roach or ****atoo
    Coldie- An ice-cold beer
    Compo- Worker's Compensation pay
    Convo- Conversation
    Cooee- A call used to find someone lost in the bush
    Cool Bananas- Everything's great, fine!
    Cop out- Give up or in
    Cossie- Swimsuit
    Couch Potato- Person who watches TV for long periods of time!
    Country mile- A great distance
    Cow juice- Milk
    Crash- Go to sleep, often at someone else's house!
    Crash hot- Wonderful, the best
    Crim- Criminal
    Croc- Crocodile
    Crock- Nonsense, rubbish
    Crook- Ill, sick (or thief)
    Croweater- Person from South Australia
    Crumblies- Elderly parents
    Cuppa- Cup of tea
    Cushie- To have it easy
    Cut lunch- Sandwiches

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    Dag- Idiot, or unfashionable person, 'daggy'
    Daks- Men's trousers
    Damper- Bread made from flour and water on a campfire in the bush
    Date roll- Toilet paper
    Dead horse- Sauce
    Deadbeat- Tired
    Deadcert- Definite, certain
    Deadhead- Good-for-nothing person
    Deadset- Truthful
    Dekko- Take a look
    Dero- Homeless person, derilict, hobo
    Didgeridoo- Aboriginal musical instrument made from a hollowed log
    Digger- Australian soldier (usually WW1 vets)
    Dill- Idiot
    Dinkie-Di- Genuine, honest
    Dipstick- Stupid person
    Dob in- Inform on someone (Dobber = Informant)
    Doco- Documentary
    Doona- Duvet, quilt
    Doozey- Something nice or pleasing
    Down Under- Referring to Australia or the South Pacific region
    Drongo- Idiot
    Duck- No runs in cricket
    Duck's dinner- Drink of water, with nothing to eat
    Duds- Trousers
    Dunny- Toilet, referring to the old outdoor unplumbed variety

    Earbash- Non-stop chatter
    Ekka- Exhibition
    Esky- Insulated cooler box
    Exsie- Expensive

    Face Fungus- Moustache or beard
    Fair dinkum- Good, honest, truthful
    Fair go- Reasonable chance
    Fam- Family
    Fang- Snack, lunch
    Fang Carpenter- Dentist
    Fang it- Drive fast (inspired by Fangio)
    Farnarkel- Mess around, talk rubbish
    Feed- Meal
    Fess up- Confess, own up
    Fireie- Fire fighter
    Five-finger discount- Act of shoplifting
    Flannie- Flannelette shirt
    Fleabag- Term for the family dog (non-pedigree)
    Floater- Meat pie served with mushy pea soup
    Folkie- Person into Folk music scene
    Foodie- Person interested in fine foods
    Footie- Regional term for either Australian Rules Football, or Rugby League or Union!
    Fossil- Geriatric, old person
    Franger- Condom
    Freebie- Something that costs nothing
    Freshie- Freshwater crocodile
    Fruit loop- Idiot
    Full-on- Expression of approval or surprise; intense
    Furniture- Cricket stumps
    Furphy- Rumour or lie


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      G'day- Greeting, hello! (good day to you!)
      Gabba- Queensland Cricket Ground at Woolloongabba
      Galah- Noisy, rude person, like the squawking bird
      Garbo- Garbageman, refuse collector, bin-man
      Germ- An obnoxious person
      Gerrie- Geriatric, old person
      God botherer- Religious fanatic (of the door-to-door variety!)
      Goodonyermate!- Good for you, well done!
      Good call- Well done!
      Good nick- Good condition
      Goog- Egg
      Goonie- Cheap cask wine
      Green & gold- Australian sport national team colours
      Green can- Term for VB beer
      Greenie- Environmentalist
      Grog- Alcohol
      Grog shop- Licensed outlet selling alcohol
      Grommet- Young surfer
      Grotty- Run-down, dirty
      Grouse- Very good, cool!
      Grumblebum- Complainer
      Guernsey- Win approval (to get a guernsey)
      Gumby- Idiot
      Gumsucker- Person from Victoria State
      Gurgler- Plughole
      Gusunda- Potty, "Goes under" the bed
      Gutser- To "come a gutser" ie. to fail through poor judgement
      Gyno- Gynaecologist

      Half your luck!- Congratulations!
      Hard yards- Hard work, training
      Heart-starter- First alcoholic drink of the day, somtimes first cigarette
      Heave- To vomit
      Holy-dooly- Expression of suprise (also Hooley Dooley)
      Hoo-roo- Goodbye
      Hoon- Loudmouth, to drive recklessly!
      Horses hoof- Poof/Homosexual
      Hostie- Air hostess, flight attendant
      Hotel- Pub, with or without accommodation
      Humpy- Temporary home in the bush

      Icypole- Frozen lolly
      Idiot box- Television
      Illywhacker- A con merchant
      Irrits- To be annoyed

      Jackaroo- Cattle or Sheep Station-hand
      Jaffa- Orange-flavoured chocolate ball, with hard orange coating,
      Traditionally rolled down the cinema aisle!
      Jaffle iron- Camping tool, used to make a toasted sandwich
      Jillaroo- Female Cattle or Sheep Station-hand
      Jocks- Mens underpants
      Joe Blow- Mr. Average
      Joey- Baby Kangaroo
      Jolly green giant- $100 note, green in colour
      Journo- Journalist
      Jumbuck- Young sheep
      Just joshin'- Just kidding


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        Kark it- Die
        Kindie- Kindergarten
        Kiwi- A New Zealander
        Knock- Criticise
        Knuckle sandwich- A punch!

        Lamington- Small square of sponge cake covered in chocolate icing, and dessicated coconut
        Larrikin- Playful person
        Lay-by- Store system of paying for goods in instalments
        Lippie- Lipstick
        Liquid laugh- Vomit
        Liquid lunch- Drinking beer at lunchtime
        Lobster- $20 note, red in colour
        Lolly- Sweets, candy
        Longneck- Tall bottle of beer, 750ml or 26oz
        Lucky Country- Nickname for Australia
        Lurk- Illegal practice, dodge, racket
        Lush- An attractive person

        Maccas- A well-known fast-food chain
        Maggot bag- Meat Pie
        Mainlander- Person from Australian mainland to a Tasmanian
        Manchester- Linen
        Mate- Friend, used instead of someone's name!
        Mates rates- Discount rates given to friends
        Meat Pie- Rhyming slang for a try in Rugby
        Metho- Methylated Spirits
        Middy- Glass of beer, 285ml or 10oz, in NSW/ACT & WA
        Milko- Person who delivers milk
        Mollydooker- Left-hander
        Moon tan- Pale-skinned person
        Mozzie- Mosquito
        Muck-up day- Last day of High School, a day of pranks and mischief!
        Mullet- Idiot
        Muso- Musician
        Mystery bag- Meat pie


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          Narky- Upset, moody
          Neato- Excellent
          Never Never- Remote outback place or term for hire purchase agreement
          No worries!- It's OK, everything's fine!
          Nong- Idiot
          Norks- Breasts
          Nude nut- Bald head, or very short haircut
          Nut ducker- Person who pretends not to see you in the street!

          O.S.- Overseas
          Ocker- Yob
          Old Cheese- Mother
          Old Girl- Mother
          Old Lady- Wife
          Old Man- Father
          Olds/Oldies- Parents
          On the nose- Smelly
          Onya- Good for you!
          Osteo- Osteopath
          Outback- Remote bush location
          Oz- Nickname for Australia

          Pash- Kiss, 'Pash-on'
          Patsy- Scapegoat
          Pav- Pavlova-Australian desert; a meringue base with fruit and cream topping
          Pavement pizza- Vomit
          Perve- Lustful gaze
          Petrolhead- Car enthusiast
          Piccy- Picture
          Piker- Bore, party pooper: 'Pike out'-To leave the party early!
          Pineapple- $50 note, yellow in colour
          Pinnie- Pinball machine
          Play sillybuggers- Waste time, mess around
          Plonk- Cheap wine
          Plonko- Wine addict
          Pokies- Poker machines, slot or fruit machines
          Pollie- Politician
          Pommie- Term used to describe an English person
          Port- Suitcase
          Postie- Person who delivers mail
          Pot- Glass of beer, 285ml or 10oz, in QLD & VIC
          Pozzie- Position, seat
          Preggers- To be pregnant
          Prezzie- A present, gift
          Pullie- Pullover, sweater, jumper
          Pushie- Pushbike, bicycle
          Pyro- Pyromaniac

          Queensland Nut- Macadamia nut
          Quids in- To be 'in the money', usually a sign of success or a win


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            R.S.L.- Returned Services League-Social club, good place to play pool or have a counter lunch
            Rabbit- An idiot
            Rabbit's ears- Indoor television aerial
            Racehorse- Thinly-rolled cigarette
            Rafferty's Rules- Having no rules
            Rage- To party on
            Railway tracks- Braces on teeth
            Rammies- Trousers
            Rapt- Pleased
            Rattler- A train
            Redback- $20 note, red in colour
            Rego- Registration
            Rellies- Relatives
            Retread- Person who returns to work after retiring
            Ridgy-didge- Genuine, honest
            Ring-in- An outsider, non-local or regular at a club or pub
            Rip-snorter- An excellent thing
            Ripper- Great!
            Rissole- Nickname for an RSL Club
            Roids- Steroids
            Rollie- Hand-rolled cigarette
            Roo- Kangaroo
            Root- To have intercourse
            Rottie- Rottweiler dog
            Rubber-necker- Tourist or nosey person
            Rugged up- Dressed in warm clothes
            Rugrat- Crawling baby

            Saltie- Sal****er Crocodile
            Salvo- Salvation Army worker
            Sandgroper- Person from West Australia State
            Sanger- Sandwich
            Sarky- Sarcastic
            Schoolies' Week- End-of-school parties, especially held at the Gold Coast;
            usually = fun/trouble!
            Schooner- Glass of beer, 425ml in NSW/ACT,NT & WA
            Scratchie- Instant lottery ticket
            Semi- Semi-trailer
            Seppo- American (Septic tank = yank)
            Servo- Service, gas station
            Sheila- General slang term for an Aussie female
            Shoot through- Leave (especially husband walking out on wife)
            Shout- Round of beer/drinks
            Shrapnel- Small change, coins
            Shufti- Have a look
            Sickie- Paid day off work, usually not due to illness; "I'm gonna chucka sickie tomorra"
            Singlet- Sleeveless t-shirt or vest
            Slab- Tray of beer, usually 24 cans
            Sleep-out- Rear porch of house converted to extra bedroom
            Smoko- Workbreak, to have a cigarette, or cup of tea/coffee
            Snag- Sausage
            Snakey- Irritable
            Sook- Crybaby
            Spag Bog/Bol- Spaghetti Bolognaise
            Sparrow's fart- Dawn
            Special- Discounted item in a store
            Speedos- Men's swimming pants
            Spewing- Very upset, really mad! (also vomit)
            Spit the dummy- Uncontrollably upset
            Spunky- Good-looking,'hot'!
            Sprogs- Offspring, children
            Squiz- Have a look at
            Station- Large outback farm
            Stickybeak-Nosey person
            Stinger- Box jellyfish
            Stormstick- Umbrella
            Straight-up- Truthful, honest
            Strife- Trouble
            Struth- Exclaimation "Struth mate!" from God's truth
            Stubbies- Men's shorts or bottles of beer
            Stubby Holder- Insulated holder to keep beer cool
            Stuffed- Worn out, tired
            Sucked in-Duped, conned
            Sunnies- Sunglasses
            Swan a trip- All-expenses paid trip, common amongst politicans!


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              T.A.B.- Totalisator Agency Board - betting shop
              Tall poppy- Successful person in a particular field
              Tanti- Tantrum
              Tassie- Tasmania
              Techie- Technician
              Technicolour Yawn- To vomit
              The Alice- Alice Springs
              The Gong- Wollongong
              Thingie- To be sensitive or in an odd mood
              Thingo- The word you substitute the name of something or someone you've forgotten!
              Thongs- Rubber sandals, flip-flops
              Thunderbox- Toilet
              TimTam- Chocolate sandwich biscuit, coated in chocolate. YUM!
              Tinnie- Can of beer, or aluminium boat
              Tinnie fish- Beer drunk (caught!) on a fishing trip
              Toey- Nervous
              Togs- Swimsuit
              Tomato- Cricket ball
              Top-ender- Person who lives at the top end of the Northern Territory
              Trackie-daks- Tracksuit trousers
              Treadly- Bicycle
              Troppo- Slighty mad, from being in the sun too long
              True blue- Genuinely Australian
              Tub- Bath, but also refers to shower
              Tucker- Food
              Tucker chute- Mouth
              Twisties- Cheese-flavoured twist-shape crisps
              Two-up- Gambling game involving throwing two coins in the air from a holder

              U-ie- U-turn
              Undies- Underwear
              Unit- Flat, condominium
              Unreal!- Excellent!
              Up yourself- Inflated ego
              Ute- Utility van with tray top, used by tradesmen

              Veg out- Relax, lie like vegetables (usually in front of the TV!)
              Vegies- Vegetables
              Vego- Vegetarian
              Vinnie's- St. Vincent de Paul charity shop


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                Walkabout- Disappeared, gone on long walk
                Westie- Person from Western suburbs of Sydney
                Wharfie- Dock-worker
                Whinge- Complain (Usually of 'whingin' Poms'!)
                Windbag- Chatterbox or moaner
                Windies- West Indian Cricket Team
                Wing nut- Person with prominent ears
                Wino- Alcoholic (usually found drinking cheap cask wine)
                Within cooee- Close by, in hearing distance
                Wog- An illness, such as the flu
                Wowser- Killjoy, party pooper
                Wrinklie- Old person

                XXXX- Pronounced "Four-ex" not "ex-ex-ex-ex!" Famous Qld beer

                Yabber- Chat
                Yabbie- Crayfish
                Yack- Vomit
                Yahoo- Noisy, unruly person
                Yakka- Hard work
                Yobbo- Loudmouth
                Yodel- Vomit
                You beaut- Wonderful!
                Yucko- Something unpleasant
                Yummo- Something pleasant

                Zeds- Sleep; 'stack some Zzzz's'
                Ziff- Beard
                Zonked- Exhausted


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                  damn...just the odd saying or 2:eek:
                  but thats more excuses for not understanding us:no:


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                    If more clarification is needed I have a whole lot more


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                      kay, you seem to have forgotten the word "bugger"

                      unless my brain-switcher-offering is having an effect on my eyes
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                        Very good Kay. Now we need a list of American sayings... :D


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                          Originally posted by Mr.Tweak
                          Very good Kay. Now we need a list of American sayings... :D
                          *hint hint darth* ;)
                          TweakTown [email protected] Team


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                            Wow Kay!!

                            I put this page in a favorites, maybe with regular use I won't feel like such a drongo.
                            The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.


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                              I'mn gonna chuck anotha shrimp on me barbie!
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