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  • Salery??

    SO what do all you peeps out there earn per hour / week / month / year???

    myself i am sitting on $22 per hour .. :) about $50k per year..

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    doesn't someone feel good about himself? :)

    atm, i'm on $15k a year (don't laugh.. trainee wage)

    if I get my new job, it'll be around $40-45k


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      yeah shaddup ya boaster :p

      i get $7.78 p/h....shut up coz its partime :p
      At the request of wiggo ;)


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        Just over 50k dependin' on OT and penalties. ;)


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          I have amost the same as Grim but I'm only 18


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            Just got my Christmas bonus - so that puts me at just under $70K - of course that's Cdn$$ - so it's only about $47K US

            $18K Gov't deductions :cry:
            $12K - kids daycare :eek:
            $7.5K - Mortgage payments :rolleyes:
            $5K - Wife's car payments
            $7.5K Retirement plan contributions

            Doesn't seem like enough now - good thing my wife works part time too


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              Salary?????? Whats that, I have worked underpaid ($0) for 10 years now in the slave mines of Home lol, mind you there are advantages to staying at home :?: like unpaid work at the kids school, playing chauffer for the kids, supervising their friends when they come to play, chef to a hungry hoarde............... I could go on, but I think we "housewives and house husbands" deserve a salary too :cry:


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                I am on a salary of 45K a year, I don’t get paid OT, But the again I NEVER work OT anyway. :D

                I put away on average $500 a week into a savings account that has never been withdrawn from, so it has hella high intrest, I will be pretty right when I become an old man with that + Super :D


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                  Around A$125/week, depending on how much work I get........ that works out to be around A$6500/year :cry: :cry: :cry:

                  And $85 of that goes on board :(

                  At least while I'm studying full time - then I'll get some REAL money when I finish ;)
                  What came first - Insanity or Society?


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                    Thank god for confidentiality... :D


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                      Hmmm not enough

                      $21 per hour (currently negotiating a pay rise)

                      and salaray packing ($8000 which is not counted for tax to pay anybills with)

                      On top of that I'm oncall one week in four ($100 for being on call and 3 hours o/t per call)

                      I also do consultant work at $50 per hour and have done a coupl e of contracts :D

                      ie 1 Access Database project made me $25,000 :D


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                        $9.12 an hour

                        about $150 - $200 per week

                        work in a supermarket casual


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                          Originally posted by Woody
                          SO what do all you peeps out there earn per hour / week / month / year???

                          myself i am sitting on per hour .. :) about k per year..
                          doing what?


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                            $13-15 /h 8hrs a day 5 days a week

                            not bad for a 16 yo
                            TT Original


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                              I am currently unemployed, but can't wait till i get youth allowance, only about 4 months left