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Austar axes chello

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  • Austar axes chello

    One of my friedns rang up austar today to inquire about broadband and was told that austar is stopping its broadband service - letters are apparently going out tommorrow

    This is a disaster - I'm about to lose my broadband connection:cry: :cry:

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      Now that just stinks. :mad:
      So what're goin' to do? :?:


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        I'll have to go satellite - no other options


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          So is there a selection of then or is it a narrow market? :?:
          Sorry I don't know as I live where there are amenities. :D


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            thats what i've found so far

            naybody else got any suggestions

            can't get adsl, cable :cry:


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              Can't remember now but what does Tweak? :?:


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                tweaks on sat but a few of the regulars use chello

                hmmmm - 2 way sat

                noow this is sounding better


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                  Originally posted by Kheldar
                  I'll have to go satellite - no other options
                  neighborhood cable offer a service in bendigo



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                    am investigating to see if I'm in the coverage zone :D

                    yummy cable


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                      mmmmmmmm CABLE

                      i think we can get sat up her but i'm not sure
                      TT Original


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                        What products are currently available and what do they cost?
                        High speed broadband Internet access is available from a very low $44* per month whilst Motorola SB4100 Cable Modem purchase costs vary according to your choice of contract period:

                        $399 - 3 month contract | $249 - 12 month contract
                        $199 - 18 month contract

                        Broadband Internet Packages HIGH SPEED PACKAGE SUPERSTREAM PACKAGE
                        DOWNLOAD 256K 512K
                        UPLOAD 64K 128K
                        PERSONAL WEB SPACE 10MB 10MB
                        EMAIL ADDRESSES 2 5
                        DYNAMIC IP ADDRESS 1 3
                        ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY 5 x monthly average 8 x monthly average
                        MONTHLY ACCESS FEE $55.00* $69.00*

                        Tailored Packages
                        Tailored packages are available to residential and business customers at up to and beyond 5GB per month achieving speeds of up to 3000kps. Contact us or call 1300 366 248 for further information!

                        128k Package (from $44.00* per month)
                        Suitable for users who surf the net occasionally, send regular emails and download smaller files on an infrequent basis. This is equivalent to speeds achieved through an ISDN connection.

                        256k Package (from $55.00* per month)
                        This package is suitable for medium to high Internet usage. Streaming video can be achieved and download large files in seconds! We recommend this package for frequent Internet use.

                        512k Package (from $69.00* per month)
                        Perfect streaming video and huge files can be downloaded at speeds you will not believe! This package is suitable for the top end Internet user wishing to download huge files on a regular basis.

                        For packages tailored to our specific requirements or for plans of access speeds of up to 3000kps can be ordered by calling our customer helpline on 1300 366 248.


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                          You may now thank Slamo


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                            Not as good as Optus but much, much better than dailup. :thumb:


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                              Originally posted by Slamo
                              You may now thank Slamo
                              might be a bit premature yet - looks like I'm outta range (by about 500 meters) :cry: :cry: